I try to record whenever I travel around the country.  Here are a few odds and ends from travels outside the mid-Atlantic states.

Suburban Thunderstorm

A storm passing thorugh Palm Coast one afternoon.  Some wicked thunder bolts.

Ocala National Forest Swamp

A chorus of different frogs in a swampy part of the forest.  In the dark I was pretty certain a gator was going to eat me if I had stayed near the recorder and microphone so I retreated to my vehicle and left the equipment to fend for itself near the water.  They say gators feed more at night right?  I didn't want to find out.  Species are Barking Treefrogs, Pig Frogs, Bullfrogs, a few Southern Leopard Frogs, and one call from a River Frog.  Many thanks to Walter Knapp for ID'ing these.

Mexican free-tailed bats

Mexican free-tailed bats 2

Some excerpts of recordings made at the University of Florida Bathouse in Gainesville.  Each night at sundown over 60,000 bats leave the house to feed.  The recordings have been slowed down quite a bit to bring more of the bats' ultrasonic sounds into our own audible range. Thanks to Greg Weddig for mixing assistance.

Ocala Ants

A small group of ants communicating along a hiking trail in Ocala National Forest at midday.

LaRue Pine Hills Frogs at Dusk

Lots and lots of frogs in a beautiful locale in southern Illinois.

Locomotive passing by

A very long train paying us a visit.  This is also in LaRue.

Sherburne Wildlife Management Area

Dawn frogs at a really neat swampy locale near Baton Rouge.

Sherburne Birds

Later in the morning, this recording features birds.  You can hear a woodpecker poking around at the beginning.