San Telmo Choripan

This place is amazing.  Just look at that stuff on the grill.  This is a real neighborhood joint in Buenos Aires, crowded at all hours of the day.  It seemed to be open 22 hours a day.  This is recorded in the afternoon.


A short clip of a service in a church in Recoleta.

Farmers on the March!

This was really weird.  Well maybe not if you’re from Argentina.  Anyway, this is a street protest over the government’s recent legislation that raised export tariffs on food. I think I have that right.  Anyway, the farmers were very upset.  I don’t think these were farmers, these were middle class Porteños banging pots and pans, but I think people just like to protest in Buenos Aires.

Boca Juniors Soccer Match

These guys are like the Yankees of Argentina.  In fact, they are more popular than that.  The scene at the stadium is truly insane.  It’s so insane that they can’t serve food or drinks.  It’s so insane that the field is protected by 10’ tall barbed wire.  It’s so insane that the opposing fans pee on you if they are in the upper deck and you are down below.  I think people get killed there too.  Luckily not me.

Patagonia: Laguna Nimez Reserve

Okay, now we go down south.  This is a small nature reserve near Calafate in southern Argentina at dusk.