Yucatan Forest Dawn

Early dawn in the mature forest at El Eden Reserve.  Moisture dripping off the leaves can be heard as well as a host of endemic birds.

Yucatan Clearing Dawn

Also at El Eden, this time in a portion of the reserve with very little forest cover.  As a result a different grouping of birds can be heard.

Brown Jay Alarm Call

Back in the mature forest, this is a group of Brown Jays sounding the alarm.

Cancun, Outside Church

Sunday evening in Mexico.  In this Catholic nation it's not so unusual that I found a crowded church and that singing could be heard even from the street where I was recording.

Cancun, Zocalo

A Zocalo or town square in downtown Cancun on a Sunday evening.  On weekends everyone gathers here to socialize and hangout.  Vendors with carts are selling churros and textiles.  You can hear the balloon salesman in this track as well as a comedian playing with the crowd.

Demolition at El Palacio Municipal, La Isla de las Mujeres

Workmen demolishing the pavement in front of this government building as children play basketball nearby.  All this on a warm and cloudy evening on this beautiful island just off of the Yucatan peninsula.

Lucha Libre Match, Mexico City

This is a recording of a wrestling match at a huge venue in Mexico City.  Quite insane.

Coffee Shop, Late Night

Very late at night at a coffee shop in central Mexico City.  Just hanging out, having a couple churros and a cup of joe.