Just some of my favorite links...

Wild Sanctuary

Bernie Krause is one of the best recordists out there.  He really wrote the book on this type of sound work.

B&H Photo

Great 'little' store in New York.  A little impersonal yes...but always prompt and sells at the best prices.


Richard and Julia Kemp's site for Telinga microphone sales in europe.


Sound effects by editors for editors.  You may purchase some of my recordings here.  Just type keyword ‘Meltzer’

Yahoo Nature Recordists

Incredible colleagues.  This is a wonderful discussion group resource.


The people that organized some of my work in South Africa.

Greg Weddig

Greg Weddig's site.  Fellow Maryland nature recordist.  Greg currently lives in Chico, CA.

Bird Songs of Mexico

An ongoing recording project I am producing with Tony Celis.

Just some of my favorite links...

Birds of Mexico

Tony Celis and Jill Deppe's site.  They are fellow Maryland nature recordists and they currently live in Champaign, IL.

Quiet American

Aaron Ximm's great site.

Martyn Stewart

Martyn Stewart is one of the most accomplished recordists I know.

The Sound Professionals

Chris Carfagno's company.  He wired my binaural mics and paired them with a nice preamp that he makes.

The Frogs & Toads of Georgia

Walter Knapp's site.  If you want to know about frogs in the southeast...or anywhere else...he's your man.

Professional Sound Services

Really nice people who sell every type of audio gear.

Grant Finlay

Recordist  colleague down in New Zealand.

Lang Elliott

Brilliant recordist based in New York State.