The Maryland Nature Recordists was founded in 2006
and this page showcases some of our recording in Maryland.

We meet periodically for field recording and for
listening sessions or sometimes just to hang out.

Check out our interview on WYPR's THE SIGNAL



Antonio Celis-Murillo, Fernando González-García, Danny Meltzer - Bird Songs of Mexico: Yucatan Peninsula Volume 1

Please check out MDNR member Greg Weddig's Prettyboy Project.  Greg spent several consecutive months recording dawn choruses in Northern Baltimore County near Prettyboy Reservoir.

MDNR Recording Archive:

Trills and Barks from Aquasco Farm     :30
by Rip Lyttle
Quasi Binaural

says Rip:
" was recorded mp3 with an edirol r-1, sonic studios preamp and dsm

microphones, august 21, 2006, 3am, patuxent river park, prince georges county, md...
I believe it's screech [owl] but it might be long-eared or something else."

Green Frogs, C&O Canal     05:01
   by Danny Meltzer
Quasi Binaural

I took off from our campsite at Little Orleans at about 1am Saturday night
and marched in absolute darkness
down the path adjacent to the C&O Canal.
After about an hour of hoping I would come upon
something interesting,
I found some nice quiet and this lovely array of frogs calling back and forth.

This is binaural so for full frog surround effect put some headphones on people!
Once again thanks to Walter Knapp and Robin Carter for species ID [Rana clamitans].

September dawn Prime Hook NWR      05:01
   by Greg Weddig

This is actually in Delaware, but still part of the ecosystems here in Maryland.

says Greg:
"It was recorded ORTF with Schoeps Subcardiod mics
with a Grace Lunatec V3 into an HHB Portadisc."

Crickets, Frogs & Distant Train      00:39
   by Richard Humphries

Crow Passing Overhead  
   by Richard Humphries

Damascus Stream at Night     02:42
   by Danny Meltzer
Quasi Binaural

From a night recording session in Damascus near Frederick.

Prime Hook Sunrise     06:28
   by Danny Meltzer
M/S Stereo

From the same morning session as Greg's track above.
This is my MS version with a nice Canadian Goose flyover about 5 minutes in.

On the Potomac near Pearre, MD     01:18
   by Danny Meltzer
Quasi Binaural

Also from our recording weekend July 2006.  More frogs in a small bog.
Right down near the Potomac River under some brush and trees.
Trains were running just across on the West Virginia side often that weekend.
I am sure we all got plenty of train whistles on our recordings.
That'll have to be for another web page.

Crow, Sunday morning Little Orleans, MD     01:43
   by Danny Meltzer
M/S Stereo

Also from a recording weekend July 2006.

Bird Call at Merkle Wildlife Sanctuary     01:00
   by Tony Celis

January, 2007.  Merkle Wildlife Sanctuary in Upper Marlboro, MD

Spring Dawn at Robert E. Lee Park, Baltimore, MD     02:00
   by Danny Meltzer
M/S Stereo

An early dawn chorus at a nice urban park here in Baltimore.


Rip Lyttle being interviewed during a shoot for Outdoors Maryland, a local television program.
This program about the Maryland Nature Recordists will air sometime early next year.

Greg Weddig being interviewed for Outdoors Maryland.

Greg Weddig from Baltimore checks levels at our workshop at Patuxent Nat'l Wildlife Refuge.
Shown are his HHB Portadisc and Grace Design Preamps.

Rip Lyttle of Takoma Park geared up with his Sonic Studios DSM's.
Rip knows more good recording spots in Maryland than anyone has a right to know about.
Currently he is down south hunting the Ivory Billed Woodpecker.

Danny Meltzer of Baltimore, down in Ocala, Florida
sporting a Shure VP88 and a Fostex FR2.

Tony Celis at Merkle Wildlife Sanctuary with his Telinga.

Richard Humphries of Washington D.C. with his Sound Devices 702,
Sennhesier MKH 20 Jecklin array and Sanken CSS 5 Shotgun.

Ben Pagac with an Edirol R9.  He joins us from Laurel
and will head up the entomological recording department.


Greg and Tony.

A rare group shot.  Here we are out at Merkle Wildlife Sanctuary on a not so cold January morning.
From L to R Ben Pagac, Greg Weddig, Tony Celis and Danny Meltzer.

Nature Recording Multitasking.

Rip's DSM's

Rip with his vehicle mounted DSM's
on location in Damascus, Maryland in September, 2006.

A closer view of the Sonic Studios DSM's on the Lite Guy head baffle.

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